Passion for God Compassion for People

Romans 12:9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.
When you are IN LOVE with Christ it changes everything including your thoughts, perspectives, and what you value. When you become CONSUMED with God and are SINCERE in your love for Him then what is important to Him becomes important to you and His passions become your passions.

  • What does it look like to be in love? What are some of the characteristics we typically see in someone who is in love?
  • What is the difference in being a Christian and being IN LOVE with Christ?
  • How might the thoughts, perspectives, and values of someone who is IN LOVE with Christ be different?

When we make much of Christ then we begin to share in Christ’s compassion for others. When we don’t share Christ’s compassion, love, and forgiveness for other people, we often see them as someone to compete against, someone to fear rejection from, or someone who has hurt and offended us. They become easy for us to overlook. We have to let God change our perspective of people because our interaction with others is to win them over and share the LOVE and COMPASSION of Christ with them.

  • How can we effectively minister to and win over others if we do not share Christ’s compassion for them?
  • What can we do to change the lens of how we see people?
  • In what ways does Christ’s compassion for people not come natural to us? What are some of the attributes of Christ’s compassion that we struggle with? How does our perspective or interaction with others typically differ from how we should see people or interact with them if we are saturated with the love and compassion of Christ?

Read Luke 19:10- What does this verse say about the heart and mind of Jesus?

  • If the passion of Christ should become our own passion, then what does this scripture clearly say our passion should be?
  • What other passions do we allow to take priority in our life?

Pastor Tommy said: Christianity is not hard unless you try to do it without being in love; it’s not a bunch of rules to begrudgingly keep unless you’re not in love. I don’t seek the Lord because it’s legalism; I do it because I’m in love. I don’t pray because I am told to; I pray because I am in love. I worship not because it is something on my checklist- I do it because I am in love.
If you struggle with the desire to seek the Lord, pray, read your Bible, and minister to others, then you need to consider if the temperature on your love dial towards God is low.

  • What are some things a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife does for each other when they are in love?
  • Do they only give their boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse attention on special holidays?
  • Do they have to be told to do these things or does it come naturally as a response to their love for the other person?

To only give a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse attention on Valentine’s Day, their Birthday, and Christmas is a crazy idea and is probably a sign that you are not actually in love. We can easily see how crazy this idea is, but it is often what we do to God! It’s a crazy mentality to think we can build love and affection for God by just giving him attention on the appropriate days set aside for worship and giving the rest of our time to everything else.

  • What are some ways we can grow our love for God and give Him attention on days other than Sundays and Wednesdays?

Although we may have to pay the price to grow our love for God, once we are truly IN LOVE and CONSUMED with Him then we don’t have to worry about anything else because the rest will come natural.
Pastor Tommy said: When you are in love no one must tell you to pray, read, and witness- When I met Kristie my friends were sick of hearing how awesome she is. She was on my heart therefore she was on my mind and my mouth proved it.
We don’t pray, read our Bibles, witness to others, and express our love in praise and worship so that God will love us- We do these things because we are IN LOVE with HIM.

  • What reasons do we have to be in love with God?

The Cross is the ultimate picture of love because God showed His love for us with the sacrifice of his son. God’s love for us is responsible for Jesus’ death, and it had to be more painful for God to give up His son than it would have been to give his own life.

  • Would you be able to sacrifice your son or daughter for another person?

The sacrifice God made by giving up his son is more than enough reasons to fall IN LOVE with Him. God shouldn’t have to prove his love in any other way- prosperity, healing, favor, or anything else. He proved his love for us with the sacrifice of Jesus, and that alone is enough reason to be IN LOVE with Him.
Romans 12:11 says our love should never be lacking in zeal or spiritual fervor.

  • What are the characteristics of someone who is zealous in their love for God?

Serving the Lord when love is real produces works. The evidence of a heart that is passionate and burning for Jesus translates in to having compassion for people who don’t know what you know about God.
Read Isaiah 61:1

  • What kind of people are we called to minister to?

Think about the people in your life that are afflicted, broken-hearted, captive, and prisoners. Authentic Christianity is when you are so saturated with God’s love that you can’t stop yourself from spilling out onto these people in your life.
You have to be willing to pay the price and position yourself to where God can affect you and saturate you with His love so you can start affecting others. When you pay the price and treasure God in private, He will find ways to use you publicly (like a city on a hill). YOU REST IN IT AND THEN HE SHOWCASES IT. Remember the stories about Thomas and the blind boy in Mexico. God doesn’t care about education, age, physical appearance, or your public speaking ability. He only requires a vessel that is willing to pay the price in private to be saturated with HIS genuine love.
A fire cannot be tamed and will consume all that is around it. When you pay the price in private and position yourself to be affected by God, your love for Him runs wild like a fire and begins to affect other people. Don’t let all the other things in life that we use as excuses to only give a cheap amount of effort steal this from you. We are called to be seekers of God…Don’t trade that for weak religion, approval of others, or cultural norms. PAY THE PRICE so that you can be saturated and consumed with the genuine love of Christ so much that it is the driving force behind everything else you do.

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